Ready for the Cooling Mattress Pad to Help You Sleep Cool

There is a reason why people turn the heat down when they go to bed at night that doesn’t just have to do with saving money on the heat bill.

The human body requires a relatively cool environment in order to get a great night’s sleep.

When you get into bed, all you want is a good, restful, night’s sleep and it is no fun to toss and turn and throw the covers off only to end waking up sweaty.



Enter the cooling mattress pad. This relatively new product is something many people have not yet heard of or are familiar with, but if you have restless, uncomfortable nights because of temperature, a cooling mattress pad can help you get a better night’s rest.

Basically, a cooling mattress pad is a specially designed cooling product designed to react to your body and your mattress to keep you cool and comfortable and dry, no matter what the weather is.

Recent research shows that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooling pad will help your bed maintain this proper temperature range and enable you to say goodbye to waking up with hot flashes and night sweats.

This in turn will get you a more restful night’s sleep and thereby improve your overall health.

We are going to outline various types of cooling pads, their functions and benefits, and help you find the right one for you, within this article.

So what is a cooling mattress pad?

Simply put, a cooling mattress pad is designed to keep your bed at a constant cool temperature to help avoid heat build up that cause your body to sweat and keeps you from getting a great night’s sleep.

They are constructed of various materials that absorb extra heat and dissipates it, rather than allowing it to go back into your body or your bed.

They can also have a temperature regulating unit that is attached to keep the temperature moderate and cool.

The cooling pads on the market today use some pretty advanced technology and as a result, can get fairly pricey.

Some are fitted with fans that blow cool air up through the bed and still others use a liquid based system to achieve a cooling effect.

As a general rule, there are some slight differences between cooling mattress pads and cooling mattress toppers, but they are negligible, and for the purposes of this article we will use the two terms interchangeably to mean the same thing.

There are several reasons why it is important to buy a cooling mattress topper:

  1. You will remain cool and dry during the night. Most cooling mattress pads use a cooling gel technology to dissipate heat and ensure that you stay cool. If your body doesn’t heat up, it doesn’t sweat, and you remain dry giving you a quality night’s sleep.
  2. Gives you a good night’s sleep no matter the season. If you live in a warmer climate or a house with no central air conditioning, a cooling mattress topper will help your body to avoid overheating even in the summer months.
  3. It is cost effective. You can, in the long run, actually save money by purchasing a cooling mattress pad. Not only will you save in electricity that it takes to run bedroom fans or even air conditioning, because these pads are very comfortable and some of them quite plush, you can use one to make an older mattress quite comfortable. This is obviously a cheaper alternative to buying an all new mattress.
  4. Maximum comfort. A good cooling mattress pad not only keeps you cool, it also relieves pressure points on your body and allows you to sleep pain free.
  5. Cooling pads really work. People have different preferences for sleeping. Because of this fact, not all cooling mattress pads are created equally. There are various designs, technologies, and materials used so that you can choose the right one for YOU.

One thing not to expect from a cooling mattress pad is for it to cool a bed down.  They don’t act as the polar opposite of a heating pad in that they do not create cool air. They are not going to lower the temperature of your bed. If your bedroom is very hot to begin with you can’t except a cooling pad to combat that aspect.

cooling mattress pads

cooling mattress pads

What a cooling pad is designed to do is simply take the heat from your body and dissipate it so that it doesn’t warm up the bed.

There are several different types of cooling pads and the first are ones with an active temperature control.

These pads will have a fan of some sort attached to them and they are generally able to have a wide range of temperatures. Some can even provide warming effects during the winter months.

They are customizable to give you your preferred level of coolness. The drawback to these pads is that they are the most expensive ones and they also require constant electricity, thus increasing your utility bill.

The other type of cooling pad provides a passive cooling effect rather than active.

These are typically your gel infused pads. They use advanced technology and gel infused materials to trap heat from your body and then transfer it to the outside of the pad, away from your body.

The heat is transferred to the surrounding environment (the rest of your bedroom) keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. These pads don’t require a constant energy source and are also made of soft, luxurious materials, so they are very comfortable as well as cool.

A third type of pad is one with a semi-passive cooling function.

Refrigeration removes the heat and replaces it with a cooling effect. The drawback to these pads is that they are not generally long lastly and the refrigeration aspect makes them a bit of a hassle.

So how do you choose the best pad for you?

The material the pad is made out of is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a pad.

Wool is the best for warm months and it is highly absorbent to absorb excess sweat. Cotton is the lightest by far and also the easiest to clean since you just put it in the washing machine. The problem with cotton is that it is not especially durable.

You can also consider a natural latex material. Latex pads are aerated to increase airflow and they don’t change form as the room temperature changes. Gel-infused material is great in a cooling pad as they can absorb a large amount of heat and then hold it prior to dissipating it.

This combined with memory foam, creates a highly ventilated, properly circulated environment.

You should also consider density and firmness when choosing a pad. Mattress pads will come in different density ratings, which will affect how it retains heat. The higher the density rating, the more it will retain heat.

The firmness is something you may want to consider for the comfort aspects as much as the cooling. If you have back or spine problems a firmer (or less firm) pad may be more comfortable for you.

cooling mattress pad

cooling mattress pad

A cover is something that is often overlooked but a cooling pad cover can play a significant role in how cool your bed stays.

A thicker cover means more material in the airspaces, which will affect circulation and hold more heat on the inner side. For maximum coolness, go with less material and a thinner cover.

After all is said and done, we have found that the absolute best cooling mattress pad on the market is the ChiliPad!

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